cssf: Cloning entity Andreas Capital S.A.

Dienstag, 01.02.2022

Warning regarding the fraudulent activities where the name of the investment firm Andreas Capital S.A. is misused

The Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF) warns the public of the website www.acces-andreascapital.com and unknown people who contact without solicitation potential investors by presenting themselves under the name “Andreas Capital” and offer notably a so-called “livret Secur”. By doing so, they misuse the name and the address of the investment firm governed by Luxembourg law Andreas Capital S.A. and send emails in the following format Firstname.Surname@andreascapital-online.com.

The CSSF would like to specify that the investment firm Andreas Capital S.A., duly authorised in Luxembourg in accordance with the Law of 5 April 1993 on the financial sector and subject to the CSSF’s supervision is not related to the facts referred to in this warning.

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